Why Recycle

Emerald e Cycling - EarthRecycle - Reuse - Refurbish

The amount of electronic waste we generate is increasing each year, as technology changes ever more rapidly.

More and more electronic products that contain heavy metals are ending up in our landfills. Toxins from these products affect wildlife and can get into our water supply, poisoning the water we drink.

Recycling these millions of tons of electronic waste instead:
  • Keeps toxic materials out of landfills,
  • Conserves and reuses natural resources,
  • Reduces greenhouse gases,
  • And creates jobs!

Approximately 200,000,000 tons of solid waste are generated annually in the United States, and more than one percent of that waste is classified as computer and/or electronic equipment. Of this 2,000,000 tons, an estimated 134,000 tons is recycled. While electronic waste is only a small percentage of the total solid waste collected, it accounts for about 70% of the heavy metals that end up in our landfills.


Each year an estimated 750,000 of the 15,000,000 personal computers that become obsolete end up in landfills.

A single color monitor alone can contain four to eight pounds of lead and measurable amounts of cadmium, mercury and other toxic metals.

Emerald recycles every part of your electronic assets, by demanufactuing the products, and separating metals, plastics, glass and circuitry. Each component part is recycled through a separate commodity stream and ends up being used in the manufacture of new products.

Emerald has a zero landfill policy and a zero export policy.