What do you do with my stuff?


The question we are most often asked is "What do you do with all of those old electronics?"

We assess the conditions of all of the used electronics we receive, and the path they take through our process depends on their condition as we strive to REUSE, REFURBISH and RECYCLE.

REUSE: Many items we receive still have useful life, and we look for new homes and users for those items. We've been very successful in finding new homes for older gaming systems, flat screen monitors, computers, laser printers, cables and cords. It is much more difficult to find new homes for the many working ink jet printers and CRT style computer monitors that we receive.

REFURBISH: Other items can be repaired or updated to extend their useful life. We are a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, and we refurbish many of the computers we receive and provide low cost equipment to individuals and organizations who need it. We also repair and resell other types of electronic equipment.

RECYCLE: Items that are at end of life take the recycling path. These items are de-manufactured into the individual commodities they are made of (metals, plastics, etc.) and each of those commodities is recycled through a separate recycling process. These recycled commodities are then used to manufacture new products

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